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Some days are a real struggle... As a homeschooling mom to four small children, who has a husband that works extremely long hours, I barely make it through most days. Each sunrise meets a rooster crowing and little ones stirring…so early. It’s breakfast, school work, lunch, outside time, dinner, baths, bed. Throw in the time spent cooking meals, washing clothes and dishes, errands, financial planning, writing, reading…you get the idea.  This mommy, like all others, wears a lot of different hats. That being said, at the end of the day, when the sun is finally setting, and I realize that the end of the running, juggling, crazy hassle is reaching it's near, this mom can breathe a sigh of relief, crawl into the bed, and just let it all go. Tomorrow is another day… Setting with the Sun by Amanda Almond The sun is setting on yet another day And with it carrying my hassles far below the horizon Night is upon us What’s left undone must wait Dinner to repleni


I have never stopped writing though quiet to the public... Life is ironic and feeling more than the usual "broken-mess" I continue to find myself again.  With the love of a few, and a tenacity fewer know, I continue to grow through the sadness and nurture my grief so it can transform me.  Time Comes with Prickles by Edith Lazenby Time comes with prickles And petals. Like a rose it grows, Fragrant, promising, Until it grows old. And like a rose plucked From the stem, I wither. Petals drop To the ground And feet bury a softness I knew to be true. All that remains Is a hope Held in your care That though I am old, Used, tattered, What touched a heart Remains within And when mine beats And I imagine your eyes, I will find those  Roots that made me fine And bloom again. Edith Lazenby : “I love to write. I began writing poetry in elementary school. Sometimes I write poetry daily, other times not. I adore

When Will the Leaves Stop Falling? by Amanda Almond

My family and I just recently made a big move… It may not be big to many, but it was big for me. We moved five hours away from my family. You see, I have lived my entire life very near them all. I was close to my mom and dad, my grandmothers, and my brother and his children. It was hard. I left not only family, but friends, and an entire support system.  We are very happy in our new home, we live in the North Georgia mountains. Who could not be happy with a mountain in their backyard? Our move has brought with it a lot of changes for my family…it’s been tough for me. My husband works as a truck driver and is gone a large portion of the time. This pretty much leaves me as a solo-parent a lot. I’m adjusting.  With four young children it can be quite challenging at times, but I am working to overcome those challenges. I am trying to remain strong.   This poem started rolling around in my mind one day as I watched my oldest child raking leaves in the front yard. She worked so

NOVEMBER REWARDS by Nannette Hoffman

In the fall, colors astound us with their special vibrancy… Equally astounding to me are the forms of leaves grown old: each wrinkled shape becomes sublimely unique in contrast to those new leaves which all look alike. Their powerful effect enables them to creep into my poems. Each fall these shapes are beauty underfoot that we tend to ordinarily ignore. Perhaps you will join me, during this season of raking them up, to take a second look. November Rewards by Nannette Hoffman The Oak let go of a million leaves today thickening carpet under tired feet. Whipped by heavy downpours and the North wind, only the stubborn ones held tight upon the branch. Now sun bathes naked limbs, glaring brightness on tattered offspring. I search the piles for that special leaf, one with twists, with textures, roughly etched from elements, veins reaching out among darkening spots. These scars are trophies earned for having borne and su