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LISTEN by Ruth Calder Murphy

There’s a voice in the darkness… And it’s mine... This poem came out of darkness - the creeping realisation that I’m once again stranded in the cold gloom with all the old doubts and anxieties and the feeling that my voice, if it exists at all, is a weak and puny voice that has very little of value to say… Yet, as I listened, the voice grew stronger and I started to pay attention to it - to my voice, opening like flowers and becoming powerful. A creative voice - a whole symphony of voices -  giving birth to wonder and beauty and, finally, to Me, Myself, again. The darkness ebbs and flows and sometimes, when it comes rushing in,  it’s like the first time, all over again and I have to relearn lessons I thought I’d got the hang of years ago. The difference is that each time, the voice that teaches me becomes more familiar and I know, increasingly, that I can trust it. I will listen and I will hear: My own voice, banishing the dark. Listen by Ruth Calder Murphy L


I have always found a place to hide... To hide when what I want mostly is to be found. The game I play I have mastered, invisibility, my super power. Even my screams go unheard. To this day I find comfort in being alone and afraid. Acceptance is now my game. Perfect Imprefections by Kim Buskala I see a heart Centered and full Yellow is my sunshine Blue is my sky The storm in the center is my eye I blink in disbelief My breath I hold Virtue pain fear stowed Outside the brightness Imperfections are many Imperfections of life Illuminated by the sun above Below we wish to hide Inside a cave Ashamed, afraid, flawed To know our world is full Of imperfections Which make our world go around Perfect imperfections In retrospect One is the loneliest number That you'll ever know To be lost With thoughts of not being found To hide so well That even your screams are unheard The bleakness we create The sun has set Shadows gr

THE SEARCH by Dolly Mahtani

This poem came out of me after a meditation in which I concentrated on the topic of Love... Universal Love. Unconditional Love. Selfless Love. Connected Love. Deep Love. Real Love. I asked myself: What is love to you? What does it mean? How can you define it? What does it look like? What does it feel like? I must’ve spent an hour in a trance. I felt an insurmountable amount of Love within me. It was a massive energy that flew through me and connected with every single living thing around me. The one thing blocking me from feeling pure synchronicity was my body density.   The Search by Dolly Mahtani This heart is a cage for my love,  It does not fit.  This body with all my organs  In chambers Is like a submarine Sinking me  From my being. All of these things you can touch And feel They are not enough. If you think you’re in love, Dig deep. If you think you’re being loved, Dig deeper. If you think you love yourself, Dig honey. There is a

YOUR VOICE by Ulli Stanway

I wrote this at 3.30 in the morning… It had been a challenging day before. During a discussion I had to leave the room, as I could not bare my anger and I felt tears rising up. I have never understood this about me. Am I too sensitive? This was a highly professional discussion, nothing personal. Yet I was overwhelmed by a tsunami of emotions. This morning after a few hours sleep these words arose in me. I allowed them to flow onto paper and I hope they will inspire you to find your voice. You are perfect how you are; anger, tears and all. Photography by Elizabeth Gibb Your Voice by Ulli Stanway Your voice wants to be heard That subtle hint in your heart That something is wrong Yet you deny it Allowing the wrong doing Hiding your pain behind a pretty smile You already know what you want Please say it Out loud You know and feel when something is wrong Trust this feeling Have faith in this deep knowing I ask of you now Do not be silent an

GOLD IN THE SAND by Krista Katrovas

This poem arrived as a gift, as a reminder to shift perspective, when times can be dark… It also suggests the power of change when we open ourselves to finding the light in the dark, or the, "Gold in the Sand,” especially when life can feel heavy, like buckets of sand, and full with hard times. On those days may we remember the gold, the light, at times when it might be a bit hard to find.  Gold in the Sand by Krista Katrovas On days when life seems harsh, like nothing is going our way, when we feel that all we can do is breathe, it’s a, ---“Gold in the Sand,”--- kind of day. We may feel beaten, worn, unloved, unimportant, forget that we are kind, smart beings, loved…, and this is when we must dig deeper to find the gold, the shiny within the dark. It is when our lives are most like that of an archaeologists. We return to the digging, or like a Zen master, we, “Chop wood and Carry water, before and after enlightenment.”

ANGELS ABOVE by Taruni Devi Dasi Tan

It’s been 5 years since my husband Jagatpati, passed away... “For all that has transpired in your life, whether masked by sorrow or joy, By the Grace of God may you learn as I have to see beauty in tragedy and to walk forward, a little wiser to your weaknesses and ready to receive the promise of tomorrow.” I now live on the other side of the world in a new country; I’ve developed a new career, met a new partner and made new friends. My poetry is in service of those who have lost a loved one.  I hope that you can find something inspiration that will help you to know that you are not alone, that one day, you will feel whole again and that the pain eventually becomes tolerable and even familiar, a kind of sombre friend that you carry with you and makes you stronger because it reminds you of what you’ve survived. Above all, I hope you will come to understand that there is meaning in your loss and when you are ready, that meaning will reveal itself to you and it wil