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WOMEN RISE ROOTED IN LOVE by AnuMa Jackie Heydemann

Women Rising Rooted in Love From deep within the Sacred Heart of the Magdalene Women Rise Rooted In the Eternal Mother To give birth to a whole New World. Women Rise Rooted In Mother Earth's Fertile Ground To nourish Life within and all around. Women Rise Rooted In their Sacred Bodies To honor and celebrate Themselves. Women Rise Rooted In their Noble Heart To sit on the Throne of Their Divine Love. Women Rise Rooted In their Fertile Womb To create from deep Darkness within. Women Rise Rooted In their Yoni Temple To live from their true Feminine Essence. Women Rise Rooted In their Divine Feminine Soul To embrace Shadow and Light from inside. Women Rise Rooted In their Holy Body Temple To embody the Sovereign Queen within. Women Rise Rooted In Who They truly are To see and guide through the Eyes of Love. Women Rise Rooted From within the Source of Life To transform, to alchemize Anything within th

A HOUSE IN RUIN by Ann Christine Tabaka

  A House in Ruin   Walking past the old dwelling, looking in through doleful eyes.   She is an abandoned house, tenebrous windows, crumbling    walls. Visions of the past haunt  her rooms, as she combs through    the disarray. A dark shadow  lurking in the closet evokes images    of some forgotten past. Peeling  paint, chipped plaster, her joints    are creaking hinges. Her mind, a  cobwebbed attic peppered with    incoherent words. She wades  through the rubble of her own    demise. A house that has stood  the storms of time. Age demands    its toll. Turning to walk away, the  once beloved house is left in ruin. * Originally published by  Literary Yard , March 2018 * Ann Christine Tabaka  has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry, has been internationally published, and won poetry awards from publications. She lives in Delaware, USA.  She loves gardening and cooking.  Chris lives with her husband and tw

HER HOLY TEMPLE by Maxime Caroline Lichtenberg

The  words  which crafted this poem came to me recalling a vision I once had...  The nature of the poem is sacred sexuality, and describes the remembering of sisters living together in a holy temple. These sisters were initiated in various rites of passages, and it was the time of the Goddess, perhaps even predating the impending gender roles and identities society reformed to later. These sisters kept a temple.  One of the many pleasures the priestesses held dear and practised, was the act of self pleasure and orgasmic pleasuring of other sisters, as a connection portal to the alchemically divine. These sisters were aware of the true power and love that sacred sexuality represented, and used it wisely. Pleasure was, and is, a birthright. Orgasmic pleasure, is in truth a portal of connection to the divine energies and gateways of the cosmic womb. One may commune with Mother, or Father here, one may be bathed in light and receive an abundance of blessings. This remembering was b

BROKEN POTTERY by Ginny Brannan

A visit from my brother recently got me thinking about the people who come into our lives.  You see, he is not a brother by birth, but a brother borne of circumstance. His family met me after a loss in my life, yet rather than dwell on that loss, I choose to acknowledge my “gains.” When I was a teenager I gained a family, four sisters and a brother, and their parents who welcomed me stay to finish school. Decades later, and I am still blessed to be in their life. Today, I reflected on the road that’s brought me here, the people who’ve molded me, and the glue that binds us together. Broken Pottery Ginny Brannan We do not know the direction life will take when we start our journey: who will stay, who will leave, who dies or who survives— Adversity creates the person we become. If I could’ve mapped this road I’ve travelled I might not have chosen the hardships I’ve borne, the  potholes and pitfalls I’ve encountered; yet I wouldn’t change who I’ve become.


AT THE MOMENT OF EQUINOX I enter the garden, the ground still held by winter, spring almost released. I stand at the centre into which all flow, from which all emerge. Wind in the upper birch stills. The garden’s breath is so long it is immeasurable. But I wait, offering awareness as witness. Pivoting, I pray. North, grant us your clarity and strength. West, your surrender and acceptance. South, your joy and creativity. East, your initiation, inspiration. Sky, your broad view. Earth, your ground, your holy round. The moment is held in a bowl beyond comprehension, beyond belief. May we carry balance lightly on each step of the way till it recurs six months off. May we find a way to become whole. May the earth find her stability. May the equanimity of equinox be yours, be ours, be hers all ways belief in beyond. *   *   * (This poem is from the author's upcoming book Fox Haunts, available here. )  Portrait by Mary McDonald Penn Kemp --poet, performer


There are days when I feel so very connected to the beautiful and brave women that have walked this earth journey before me.  It leaves me sometimes feeling insignificant in their wake and other times inspired to make more of a difference, to step up to their lead. I feel their fears and achievements pulsing beneath my feet, touching my heart. I envision their faces and embrace their lives just for the slightest and most profound moment and always am left with the knowledge we are spiritual   sisters, always leaving our sacred footprints for others to find.  SACRED FOOTPRINTS I stand in the footprints Of so many women My soft sole flesh The perfect fit My step the perfect space between.                                I fit in all of them Some with such sweet comfort Some with the echoes Of a long-ago fear. I feel them all These other women I did not know Whose feet touched the earth And left their patterns For me to colour in Their words for me

I AM STILL HERE by Janavi Held

EDITOR'S NOTE: This was composed by a very gifted and beautiful soul: a regular contributor to our poetry project, and dear friend of mine, Janavi Held , whose life is gradually being taken from us by an incurable illness. She has been suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Internal Adhesions for six painful years now, and neither her insurance nor the government healthcare will help her. She reaches out to us, her sisters, as a last plea. This is a poem she wrote yesterday on her birthday, in which she offers us the gift of her friendship. May it touch your generous hearts and inspire you to reach out to her in her plight. Photographic art collage by Janavi Held Dear Friends, The last time I was able to leave the house was by ambulance on my way to the hospital. After many long hours in the emergency room I was admitted and taken upstairs. After everyone left I sat on the hospital bed, knees to chest, bracing my body against the pain and trembling. The li

YIELD by Tammy Stone Takahashi

My new poetry book came into being during a period of great (and ongoing!) transition in my life, both material/physical and spiritual: my husband and I, after three years of traveling around Southeast Asia and India, and then five years of living in Japan, my husband’s home country, are in the midst of a move back West, to Canada. I left home in my mid-thirties; nearly a decade later, I am slowly entering a new phase of life altogether, one that has me reflecting on my identity: as a woman, as a writer, and as a conscious citizen of this amazing, struggling planet of ours. I have to admit, I had a number of  other  writing projects on the go, including another book of poetry! But every time I sat down to write, these were the poems that flowed out of me. These were the words that needed to be conceived, expressed, and ultimately, birthed into this collection. The title came to me immediately; as a long-time traveller/wanderer and someone currently living in two different countrie