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MY WORDS OF LOVE by Laura Kutney

We all need to be heard... I was contemplating this need after a conversation that I had with a dear friend. I had shared a poem with him and he explained that it caused deep feelings to well from the depths his heart. He was sad and told me that he felt like crying. This was the exact feeling that I had experienced upon reading the very same poem that I had sent to him. The more that I thought about our exchange, the more I came to believe that I am at my most vulnerable with my writing when I am creating poetry. Somehow, this form of writing opens up the gates to my heart more than with any other type of writing is able to do. I also feel that poems, when read or heard, dig a little deeper into our souls than any other form of written medium. Further, I realized that when you have a very good friend, you can’t always hold back information that touches your own heart in an effort to spare their heart. We are on this earth to laugh and cry together. The following p

I WILL SPEAK by Ruth Calder Murphy

Amongst other things, I’m a musician – my degree’s in music and I’m a music teacher… Over the years, then, I’ve sung with many choirs and ensembles, big and small. Singing with others, it’s essential that I have a voice. However, if I don’t also listen carefully to all the other voices, and pay attention to them, and make sure that my voice is in accord with theirs, in harmony with the whole, and helping to make the overall sound more as it should be, then it would be better for me to remain silent. Likewise, in everyday life, it’s important to find one’s own voice and, having found it, to use it – to speak out and to be heard. This is indisputable, I think, in the interest of fairness and, where we see people who don’t have a voice, or whose voices are not heard, those of us who are more fortunate try – hopefully – to use our advantage to help them to their own emancipation; to a place where they, too, have a voice and where that voice is heard. Perhaps, though, it’s even

MY LOVE FOR LIFE by Anjuu Kalhaan

  At times, I ponder questions that are mostly left unanswered... I enter into deep thoughts that require introspection. Then I think about my life as a gift that has been showered upon me, and which has all the answers. All that is required is for me to love my life, in happiness and sadness, and to live it fully, in each and every activity that I do. When I do this, I always feel that I am never alone, as the miracle of my life is always with me. I talk to my life and know the meaning of living and loving. These conversations have taught me a lot. Some of these lessons appear in the form of poems. Today I am sharing one with all of you. My Love For Life Life is a gift I was given when I was born. It came to me as if a dream: Making me play when I was happy, And cry when I was sad. And by and by, when I grew with it Life came to me as my soul friend: The only one who was with me, always! In my waking hours, and in my sleeping ones,   L

WORDS LOVELY WORDS by Louise Marcotte Desrosiers

My reason for writing this poem is quite simple… In living through the heart, life’s parallels-there are so many shifts of emotions: Times of extremes- sadness and joy. This happened to be a particularly joyful day of receiving and giving. Words Lovely Words words expressed with meaningful intention- lovely words, were gifted to me... at the chrysalis   of this opening of hearts energies are flowing- finding the need   to sit-breathe- take it to my soul my spirit intense... "can this be real?" to feel such luminosity- within me   within these moments feeling so much joy... "is this a dream?" if so, allow me to continue this lucid dreamtime- hearing, feeling moving gently into- unbroken moments in its gradual unfolding, simply, without confusion- within its own divine time until it's completely free to fly... Louise Marcotte Desr

FALLING by Ruth Calder Murphy

We all fall, from time-to-time… Even stars fall, from fire-bright brilliance into dark oblivion. When carbon crystallises – the stuff coal is made from, that’s also contained in stars – diamonds are formed. Suns set into darkness and rise again, bright and beautiful. Wish upon a star – a beautiful, falling star – and know that from the crushing darkness, the falling and the tumbling into the abyss, comes a brighter rising and the brilliance of diamonds. Painting: "Falling Star" by the author, Ruth Calder Murphy Falling Falling with stars, falling brilliant and bare - tumbling fireflies through someone else’s midnight skies. Something to make a wish upon, for a far-off someone living on a prayer: viewed from a distance and quickly gone, disappearing in darkness over the horizon, somewhere… Watch my fall from fire to ice to crystallise, clear as dawn when all is torn away. Watch my brilliant cascade in depths of night

SILENCE, I AM YOURS by Vrinda Aguilera

Sharing poetry on this forum, Journey of the Heart, is a unique experience… It takes a lone individual's creative expressions of prayers, exultations, and melodies and offers them up on this beautiful platform to be experienced and consumed by others. These others, (all of you, dear readers) imbibing the poetic offerings, then mix, mingle and add your own unique flavors, moods, experiences- your longings, sorrows, and joys to take away that which you will. As with anything worthy in this world, the original creation is never diminished by such sharing but, rather, is enhanced: reciprocation is created with this give and take dance with words. For me, writing poetry comes from a place of flow, creative energy manifesting as written words on the page. Explaining my poetry can sometimes present more of a challenge since I am tasked with the job of switching over to appeal to my analytical mind and interpreting that which may defy or balk at explanation. Such is the case w

Dances Begging To Be Danced by Salyna Gracie

We feel the pull of life's calling to us deep down in our bones… The songs our soul sings to guide us in the task of sharing our beauty with the world. Taking us to the place where we can witness the smallest of miracles and the magnificent power of grace. Dancing our prayers, our hopes, our dreams: A deep breath for all of humanity. Dances Begging To Be Danced There were so many dances in me I could not find the hours to dance them all Up dances Down dances In dances Out dances Dances leading into dances and around again Rhythms and melodies pounding the blood in my head Pushing at the soles of my feet All day dances All night dances Dances begging to be danced Dances borrowing sleep Stealing time Dances like a firestorm Raging and wild Dances like silence Breath and sinew Dances all alone Dances with you There is a dance within me still Curled among the backbones Locked into frozen joints Floating in the palm of my