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RIPE by Krista Katrovas

I wrote this poem in honor of the Crone, the wise woman who knows all… This is for who knows the cycles of life, through her own living which brings her to the Crone years. This poem speaks to the wisdom that is often attained through what some may call the nitty gritty, the dirt of life, and how she dances through it, as if in a controlled waltz, at first, only to arrive at a more honest dance with herself.   In dancing with herself she owns the crone, leaving sweetness in her footsteps for us to follow. Pictured is Master Tao Porchon-Lynch by Robert Sturman RIPE She’s ripe and right in the way she walks in the way she talks and how she dances. She waltzes, a one, two, three, a down, up, up. then moves again from within, sinewy tissue, tendon, and bone. She howls at the moon digs her claws into the dirt embraces the wild remembers the body the animal singing of being ripe, rather than right, holding nothing back nothi

LOVE OF A FLOWER by Thalita Forray

My poem ‘The Love of a Flower’ is a description of an enlightened love…   I see flowers as something very holy and divine. Flowers are enlightened plants that carry a higher vibration and produce either fruit or beautiful scents. One can be absorbed into the beauty of a flower and I feel its something that we should do daily in our lives: to “Stop and smell the roses”, to see the beauty in life and to cherish it. To love like an enlightened flower is to love fully and to see the beauty in the other person. It is about being fully present with the one you love and not thinking about what you have to do later in the day, not focusing on the phone ringing but giving the person you love your undivided attention. By living in love, we bring ourselves, and those around us, to a higher vibration. We allow pure creativity and divine inspiration to flow through us when we are silent. Silence in the mind is key to hearing the heart. Love of a Flower Whispers, tender an


Walking on the path of our own spiritual journey, we can sometimes feel like we go around in circles, always beginning…   Yet in writing this poem, I was comforted with the fact that we never truly stay the same. Reflecting on the nature of change, we are always shifting ever so slightly, moving forward always transformed somehow with every step. Illustration by Jenn  Lui – Always Beginning  As The Phoenix Falls You say you’ve been transformed and that you’ve found your way but how different do we really become. One step forward sometimes ten steps back and we find ourselves at the beginning again Alchemy’s many disguises. Walls are closing in while you react Keep burning through the noose Just keep burning through the noose. Given the chance to rise above to transmute fear and pain trapped and stifled by ego’s demands We move in circles and in cycles we never really stay the same yet never stray far away from our true n

HARVEST by Ruth Calder Murphy

I’ve suffered, for many years, with a sunlight deficiency condition… It leaves me fatigued and prone to depression – especially during the winter months.  This poem visits some of my feelings at the turning of the year from Summer to Autumn and Winter, my resolve to embrace the seasons and to impute sunshine and warmth to my life, even during the heart of the Dark. Harvest As the days shrink and the nights invade the space where they should be, I will reach back to the heart of Summer and bring, cradled in my heart, a single Solstice Sunbeam. I will grow it, nurture it, feed it with candles and fragrant oils from tropical flowers, Yoga-stretch it and clothe it in colour until, in the depths of Winter’s ink-black gaze, I reach my arms wide, laugh aloud and with the power of equatorial days, blaze; my spirit bright, defy the night and with Spring in my heart and Summer in my belly, remove the season’s bushel and shine my

YOU ARE THE 13 by Sitara Alakananda Shakti

This poem was inspired by the power and sacredness of the number thirteen… Around the time when I wrote this poem I began to understand how thirteen is not the unlucky number it’s believed to be nowadays. In ancient times, 13 was a number that was revered for its sacredness. It was seen as a magic symbol of transformation, as a number that encapsulated regeneration and great change.  For instance, in ancient Egypt it was believed that there were 12 steps on the ladder to Eternal Life, and the13th step is that of immortality. And in the Lunar Cycle the 13th month represents the end and the beginning: the ending of a cycle, which brings about the beginning. Thirteen means facing the old to start anew. I know for myself and for many of my brothers and sisters, this year of 2013 has been a year of Death and Rebirth. By walking through the doorway of the number 13, we faced our darkest shadows and a new ground was created.  I awoke from slumber, the "I" was reclaimed,

LADY WISDOM by Kiernan Antares

Sophia... Sophia...  I am contemplating on courage as that was part of my prayer for my latest painting. I am feeling that it's not courage we seek to deal with what life brings us, but rather, courage to look within: to see what we are holding on to, our own follies and dysfunctions, and the courage to release them! Because it is in the release that an unknown world/life lays beyond and that is what we fear. Painting is my spiritual practice, a way to explore my inner worlds and be who I wish to be in the world. My ‘Lady Wisdom’ painting is certainly not what I imagined She would be, but then no painting ever is. She has a delicious message and maybe just maybe, you'll do as She asks …   Lady Wisdom Ah… the shimmering light illuminates the Me within me the You within you the World within the world. The translucent rainbow colours
dance, weaving in and around, dipping and swirling, down and down and down and up and up and up. Beckoning th