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Totally True Reflections  As you sit in the stillness, recognize that you know  how to move forward, though the way ahead may be previously unexplored. You know when to pause and breathe, soak in the splendor, contemplate a challenge. You have the ability to read the winds, ride the waves,  paddle strong and steady, adjust the rudder along the way. You have what you need on board, including the freedom  to ask for  and receive help.  You are perfectly human  in your own wonderfully unique way. And, yet there’s a sameness in the flow of connection  to others, to nature, to the Divine. So, go ahead. Sit in that stillness. Let clarity come  in beautiful, crystal clear, totally true reflections. Sit and feel secure in the solid vessel that is you. Maine, Photography by the author  Sarah Carlson   has many pieces to her whole, as most of us do. Those pieces include: mother, teacher, daughter, friend, widow, sist

Many Waters by BethAnne Kapansky Wright

Many Waters  she is many  waters and oceans,  not all of them  explored  some can only  be accessed  by moonlight  and grief’s portal- -  entry  only granted  where love  and loss  meet  brightest pearls  only formed  when heart  swims sea’s  deep. (This poem will appear in Revelations of the Sky, comming summer of 2020) BethAnne Kapansky  Wright : I  am an Author, Speaker, Psychologist and Intuitive Healer.  I specialize in dealing with women's issues, life transitions, trauma, grief work, and finding healing in our relationships, especially our relationship with our self. I am a big believer in authenticity, intuition, the power of love, finding laughter and joy, and learning to be more fully human. My essays and poetry have been published in a variety of publications, and I am the author of the poetry books  Cranberry Dus k,   Freebird Fridays  (November 2016, Golden Dragonfly Press) and the  Lamentations of the Sea