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I TOOK A SHORT WALK by Lisa O'Neil-Guerci



          by Lisa O'Neil-Guerci 

I heard the music 
of wind and water
as I took a short walk today.

Nature had graciously asked 
if I wanted to join in
their afternoon of play.

I might have known 
I'd step into
their home-

that they of course
would become the words 
of another autumnal poem. 

That I'd come upon
and smile to see
a heart-shaped yellow leaf
propped against an oak tree~

both seeming to be waiting 
patiently for me.

I should have guessed
that sorghum and cattails 
would be slow dancing 
with each other...

of course they would~
it was clear to see
they're longtime friends 
turned lovers.

I then inclined my gaze upwards towards branches
which held the sun
tenderly in their arms.

A few leaves were stained 
with the first blood 
of the season's russet hue

it shouldn't surprise me 
that the afternoon sky
would be so perfectly blue~

and that the white lambs 
of clouds would scatter...
changing shape
as the breeze
coaxed them along~

harmony heard 
as the voice of the lake
joined in the rapturous song.

Lisa O'Neil-Guerci:
I am a poet and writer from New York, blessed to be a mother, a grandmother and professional caregiver within the elderly community. I possess an ageless heart and spirit, and my mind and soul swirls with poetry. Writing has been my passion for as far back as my memory can reach. Composing essays and prose during my emotionally tumultuous childhood provided an escape into a world where my imagination could thrive—where creative expression of all kinds became the North Star of my life's compass. My spirit is especially stirred by the innate spirituality I keenly sense when surrounded by nature, and much of my poetry is based upon these themes.  I enjoy reciting my poems at open-mic events, and am a regular contributor to Confetti Magazine, in which I was a featured poet. My work has appeared in several places online such as Rebelle Society, The Elephant Journal, and The Medium. One of my poems is included in an anthology entitled Blue Motel Rooms. My debut book, entitled Souldust, is soon to be released by Golden Dragonfly Press.


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