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Finding the Light (a little girl’s long quest)“One day you will find the light” I used to hear in church when I was a little girl. “And the light will heal you from all the suffering and pain.”  I started to look for the light. I thought maybe mom had it and she would just give it to me but she didn’t. Well, let’s see, maybe grandma has the light but she didn’t have it either. I asked everyone if they had seen the light. I really have to know everything about it. What does it look like?  Does somebody carry it around? Does it belong to somebody specific? What color is it?Some people said they have seen it. They said it is beautiful but hard to describe. Some said they have heard about it but can’t say what it sounds like. Others said they have felt it but can’t describe what it feels like.So I kept on looking for the light until one night I found it. I think I found it right in my heart. It was a bright night with the moon and stars shining on a quiet back yard, the trees slowly wavin…
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QUESTIONS TO MYSELF by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Questions to Myself~ for Elena
Can you hold close to your bosomthe knowing that all will change?With this understanding, do you have the courage and the faith to walk out into each new day?What choice do you have?You have borne the agony and the joy of impermanence.The response is clear –to face your life with either fear or allowing.Open your hands; let life flow through them.The primal urge to grasp is futile, like attempting to contain water in a sieve.It will not give you what you want or need.Feel the coming and the going; be exhilarated in the both.Delight in the danceof each precious present moment, float with the tides as they rise and fall,lovingly held upon the waves of time.

Carolyn Chilton Casasis a Reiki practitioner and teacher, as well as student of metaphysics and philosophy.  Her favorite themes for writing are healing, wellness, awareness, and the spiritual journey.  Carolyn's stories and poems have appeared in Energy, Odyssey, Reiki News Magazine,The Art of Healin…

CLOUDS by Vidya Chetan

During these times of the pandemic—when we are all inside our homes—I've found myself looking through my windows at different shades and patches of clouds that were moving by fast, as though attempting to reveal something about the profound truths of life. As I gazed at the sky yesterday during sunset—after a long, strenuous day—I could see different shades of colors and became delightfully filled with a fresh energy of hope, peace and inspiration. Nature heals my wounds, and watching clouds, I’ve found, carries away my burdens, at least for a while.CloudsGazing up at the blue skyabsorbed in the serenity of shadowy outlinesafter a long, depressing day—instantly, my mood is changed!My soul’s longing for peacestimulates my dormant mindnourishing my soul, slowly.Lost somewhere for a while:Away from the harsh reality of life—Clouds move in patchesrepresenting my feelings,in this incredible creation by my Creator!In the assorted colors of the skyreflecting varying modes of life—I think…


Why The Lotus Blooms: Choosing To Stand Tall"is a memoir I wrote for every woman or mother facing challenges similar to mine. Someone so busy striving to excel in her roles of mother, wife, daughter ... that unknown to her, she slowly loses touch with her inner self. If some day, forced to face this crushing loss, she decides—as I did—to set out on a journey to reclaim herself, she is likely to face stiff internal and external opposition at every step. This book is a tender offering for her so she does not feel so alone—I hope it will comfort her so she can keep choosing to follow her heart fearlessly.Each chapter of my memoir begins with a poem I penned contemplating my innermost struggles at the time. 'Why The Lotus Blooms'—the poem I am sharing today—provides the theme for my book, and is one among many that feature in it. The lotus flower is very precious to me. Whenever I find myself discouraged by the apparent challenges and struggles we must all face in the world, …

IF I FALL INTO GRIEF by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, what seems to have created insurmountable uncertainty, our hearts were crack wide open with so many different emotions. I--as I am sure many others did as well--fell into grief, as we all moved through the beginning months of this pandemic and continue to do so now. We learned to lean into love and the love of dear ones around us, but moving through this pandemic, I did hold the hand of grief. Loss of dear ones close to me to COVID-19, the world coming to a complete halt, the grip of it. Yet bearing witness to my grief,  I allowed it to have space. By doing so, grief finds its way to lead me to compassion, to hope, to love. Writing during National Poetry Month, April 2020 and publishing my book, Our Surrendering Pause: 30 Poems in 30 Days, brought me to write so many different kinds of poems. To touch the edges of us, to inspire us, to allow us to find space for grief, for pause, for love. This is why I wrote this book. Please know that all r…


A million sweet dreams

When did we learn to hide our exuberance and hold our passions in? The world will not  become more quiet through our indifference. The sun knows its way without having to find it and bestows life upon us with ease and great strength. When I look at the sun, I see a million sweet dreams swimming in a yellow sea with the power to vibrate themselves into the thread of our momentary lives. The garden that feeds us maintains a whole realm of  rich and verdant mystery. The trees that line city streets shorn for convenience still stand, still guard  our stories generations deep with great vigilance,  bearing the marks of their compassion so that we may learn patience, and new ways of learning. The time is now –


Thank You to the Trees

I wonder if the trees ever feel forgotten?
Who still comes and sits beneath them,
asking what they feel?
Getting close enough to feel their whispers,
the rooted wisdom.
Allowing what comes,
to rest upon their outstretched arms, 
weather rattled,
yet always welcoming.
Don't let the trees be forgotten,
let's show them we are rooted,
reaching always.
Not grabbing,
supporting and surrendering.
Connected to earth,
searching for sky,
letting warmth of sun
guide the stretch.
because we can.
Never wanting more.
Sturdy to what is,
yet given to let the winds shake us.
Thank you to the trees.

Tracy Brooks has been talking to trees and whispering between worlds since she was a small child. Merging channeled messages from Spirit with nature and poetry, she hopes to offer comfort and inspiration. She believes words have the power to help heal and encourage. Born in Brooklyn New York, Tracy now lives in Florida with her beautiful family. She shares her word medicine and o…